Abstract Submission

The abstract may be up to two pages in length, should include

  1. overview
  2. methods
  3. results
  4. conclusions

as indicated in the
abstract template,
and be submitted together with a short
CV using the

abstract submission form
No author should submit more than one
abstract as its single author.

For full paper instructions, please

click here

The abstract submission deadline is February 7, 2008. The program committee
will confirm acceptance by February 22, 2008. Accepted abstracts will be
published in a Book of Executive Summaries. Authors whose abstracts are
accepted can also submit a full-length paper for inclusion in Conference
Online Proceedings. Authors who wish to do so will need to submit their
paper after acceptance until March 31, 2008. Authors whose abstracts are
accepted can also revise/update their abstracts until this date.

At least one author of an accepted paper must attend the conference and pay
the registration fee for authors. If multiple submissions are accepted, then
a different co-author will be required to register and present each paper.

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