Pre-Conference Workshop

Clean Cooking Fuels: A two-day pre-conference workshop

The key objective of the workshop is to increase understanding of barriers to the transition
to cleaner, more efficient fuels and technologies for meeting the cooking needs of the poor
and measures for enhancing access, affordability and supply. The major themes of the workshop
are analysis of successes/failures of past policies to improve access to modern fuels;
strategies of suppliers of modern fuels: substitution, market creation; role of the private
sector in financial leveraging, venture capital, and business models to scale-up successful
initiatives; the role of the government and public policies, particularly as regards pricing
and providing the regulatory framework needed to attract private participation; ways of making
energy provisioning for the poor a central component of broader development strategies. More
detailed information is provided in the
Concept Note.”

You can submit abstracts for the workshop using the

abstract submission form for the pre-conference workshop
The abstract may be up to two pages in length, should include

  1. overview
  2. methods
  3. results
  4. conclusions

be submitted together with a short
CV. No author should submit more than one
abstract as its single author.

The abstract submission deadline is January 28, 2008. The program committee
will confirm acceptance by February 15, 2008.

At least one author of an accepted paper must attend the conference and pay
the registration fee for authors. If multiple submissions are accepted, then
a different co-author will be required to register and present each paper.

With BP Sponsorship of the Workshop, authors of accepted papers can apply for
a grant to travel to and attend the conference

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