Social Activities

June 18, 2008: Conference Banquet & Cultural Event at Cemile Sultan Korusu, named after Princess
Cemile (daughter of the Ottoman Sultan Abdülmecid) who had a mansion constructed on the seashore
there – a magnificent venue with its combination of history, nature and view over the Bosphorus.

June 19, 2008: Bosphorus Trip & Turkish Dinner: a three-hour boat trip along this uniquely beautiful
river like Straight, with a breathtaking, close-up view of the many palaces, mosques, fortresses,
Ottoman era waterfront mansions dotting the winding shoreline; Turkish Dinner will be served on the boat.

Accompanying Person’s Program & Post-Conference Trip suggestions will be posted soon.

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Cumhuriyet Caddesi, 131/1, Elmadağ, İSTANBUL

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